It’s a standard charcoal for export to Japan and Korea, America, Australia, and Europe
Specialized for professional smokeless BBQ grills in Japan and Korea.

Clean, smokeless charcoal for indoor barbecues or outdoor picnics
Non-toxic, safe to users.
No smoke, no smell, no chemicals.
The heat released when burning is high.
Long burning time from 3-4 hours (2-3 times more than regular charcoal).
When burning, no sparks, no explosions…

The sun setting through a dense forest.

In addition, smokeless charcoal is also very suitable for heating (according to Asian traditions, new-born women become weak , need to be kept warm to ensure health).
Charcoal is produced according to Japan’s advanced production lines and technology.
100% natural wood materials are taken from Eucalyptus trunks, selected for the appropriate tree age, then processed and put into a complete carbonization process with a time of 9-12 days. Finally, the natural cooling stage without spraying water, cooling time is from 2-3 days.
How to distinguish high-class white charcoal: when you knock charcoal together, you will hear a “jingle” sound.
Cost saving: because of the high heat output, long burning time and reusable, the cost of using 1kg of white charcoal will be much more beneficial than 1kg of black charcoal.
Directions for use:
Charcoal burner easily by priming with available black charcoal or priming with a gas flame.
After using, completely put out the fire.Reuse if the charcoal isn’t entirely burned
Charcoal will be lined with a plastic bags to avoid moisture + charcoal black primer + directions for use.

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